The ground beneath your feet…
it belongs to you at
Akruthi Springwoods.

It's special, when the ground, the land, the earth is yours. Occasions and milestones in life gain more significance on your bhoomi. Just stepping out - feeling the ground beneath your feet, the solid earth, knowing it is yours - is indeed magical.

Dai Doron, a Bangalore based real-estate group, offers you the rare opportunity to own this ground from where you can build your dreams. Our affordable villas in plots at Akruthi Springwoods is spread across a 60 acres community and is located and planned with your convenience in mind.

How often do you get such opportunities in Bangalore anymore; why settle for just a concrete floor, wall and roof. Step out and feel the solid ground where you belong and which belongs to you. Discovery Dai Doron and Akruthi Springwoods.